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Hi again. You helped my select a horn for my 13 year old daughterthis spring. Her teacher thought we got a good buy, and she is getting lessons , but one of the strings keeps giving her a problem.The shop keeps fixing it, but it keeps breaking, almost every month. Her teacher thinks maybe we should get rid of her Conn 6d, and buy another horn. I see this one, and was just wondering what you think


The Holton looks almost too good to be true, I can't believe how cheap it is. So I would be a bit suspicious - the seller has no feedback at all. By all means press "buy it now" but then be very cagey before parting with your money. Insist on speaking to the seller, or preferably Skyping so you can see the horn exists. Ask lots of questions. Then if it seems genuine, you've got an incredible bargain.

The H378 is definitely a better horn than a Conn 6D. However the string problem is not terminal - either the shop doesn't do a very good job of re-stringing (uses the wrong string or makes it too tight) or one of the little holes the string passes through has a sharp edge that needs filing off. I've had that problem with a Reynolds horn before but not with a Conn.


By the way I'm away for the next 2 days so can't answer anything...

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