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French Horn/is this worth the buy it now price?


QUESTION: Hello again! This horn is on buy it now. It has been relisted a couple of times, and I've lost out on a few Yamaha's that went for more. Is it worth the buy it now price, in your opinion? Thanks so much, and have a great New Year! P.S. In your opinion, should I wait for a Holton instead?

ANSWER: Hi, sorry but I've been away for a few days over New Year. And also sorry I can't answer this one because you didn't paste in a link... probably it's ended by now, but if not, try again. And if it's all too late, ask again when something else pops up.

The Holton vs Yamaha question is swings and roundabouts, overall they're both equally good. All depends on price etc..


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Sorry! It is relisted.

It's a pretty good price, as you say the same horn often goes for more, and this horn looks in quite nice condition. They're pretty durable and very nice blowing horns. So if you feel like buying a horn now I can't see too much of a reason not to. You could also try e-mailing them and trying to beat them down a hundred or so...


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