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Found a beautiful horn with serial number 242030. Holton 378. Is it possible that this is a very old horn? I found a web site that said this horn is from the 1950's. Is that possible?

Hi, the instrument pictured doesn't look like it's any older than 10 years old, probably less. Think there must be a mistake with the serial. It's not that easy to read them although I can't exactly see what the misread could be - I'd expect the serial to be something in the range 700000 onwards, but 747030 (a possible misread) seems rather high, I didn't think they had got past 740000 yet.

The same seller had a very similar (but not quite identical) listing here

which was bought by another of my correspondents for an offer of $1975. Might be worth quizzing them about why they have 2... and then if you fancy it, make a similar offer.

By the way, for some reason I'm not getting notifications when your questions arrive, I just find them when I get notifications for other people's. So apologies in advance if I miss any more deadlines....


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