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Ken Doornbos wrote at 2013-03-16 04:18:19
Hi Alan...This is the person that you referred to about the Accent horn...& the one that buys a lot of horns... I stick by my former assessment of the accent & your's as well... After many hours of playing all my horns (now 12), My favorite is still my Holton H180 with my accent 11 mouthpiece. (Although I also use my Giardinelli C4) My 2nd choice is the Lorenzo Sansone...If you could possibly get ahold of one, I'd love to hear your assessment of it too. I've finally met a guy that plays a Paxman & it sounds great...I only wish I could afford one! Well just thought I'd write you after reading about me in your column. The Accent is a good responding horn but the quality doesn't match the Holton...The Holton is also a tighter wrap (lighter too) so it you have less fatigue when playing it... Still read your comments!!! Ken  

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