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Enclosed is the site for a Paxman 4 valve Bb/A french horn, very similar to the one I now have...It too has the 2nd & 4th valve slides different lengths. Yet they claim it as a Bb/A horn... Look at the price of this one... Upon playing around with mine, I found that I have to use the 4th valve on only 4 notes, being D,E,F & G...All the rest play w/out the 4th valve from high A to low F...I had to tune it for it to do this & checked the sound also with my Holton. The difficulty is that using these fingerings is very hard after you are so used to playing Bb on the double w/ the thumb key. I can't see any difference between this one & mine... here is the ad:  Oh, by the way, the Opus seems to be a USA horn! It says USA under the OPUS emblem... Interested to hear your comments   Ken

Hi, the Paxman in the picture has the slide pulled out to use it for stopping. If you pushed it right in it would be an A valve. was what I got on googling "Opus musical instruments"


shows one very like yours at the btoom of the page. It's a generic Chinese design. As I've said various times before, if you're ordering a batch of horns from a Chinese manufacturer they will engrave anything you like on them - I presume it doesn't actually say "made in USA" just USA... Yamaha do a similar trick in putting "Yamaha Japan" on theirs now they manufacture in China.

I'm not sure which D,E, F and G you're talking about, you can of course play all the way from a bottom B to anywhere on a 3-valve Bb single, but there are notes like low G and F# and middle G where the tuning is unsatisfactory. And handstopping in tune is next to impossible.


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