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French Horn/Josef Lidl Double French Horn@ serial no & value ?


Josef Lidl BRNO french horn
Josef Lidl BRNO french  

picture of numbers
picture of numbers  
Hi Alan
This is a Josef Lidl French Horn - a double I think in good (but not perfect) condition.  Just where the mouth piece is fitted is stamped "Made in Czechoslovakia".  I cannot find a serial number despite looking on the chamber casings.  The number "17" is on the back of the keys and "17S" on the key bridge (see images).  
Is this the serial number ?  If not, any idea where it might be ?
Any idea of value ?  It was purchased - not sure if it was new at the time - in the mid-1970's.  
Many thanks Simon

Hi, these horns don't really have a serial number and there's no way to date them accurately.  The numbers on the valves and other parts are assembly numbers from the production line, each horn in a batch has a two digit number and the parts have other identifiers to make sure they end up on the right instrument in the right place. You might also find these under the valve caps, on the valve top plated and the rotors etc etc.

As you say the condition is good, the fact it is lacquered and the shininess of the lacquer would make me suspect it was new when you bought it in the 70s.

The Lidl full double is a rather basic double horn, very heavy and not the most fanstatic blow, and there are lots of them about, so prices are fairly low generally, although the good looks of yours might lead someone to pay a bit more... probably in the range of 300-400 is the most you could expect if selling privately, on Ebay they sometimes go for a lot less. If it has a good case that's a definite selling point, many have old and tatty ones...

Depending how fast you want to sell it, I'd either advertise it locally (music school noticeboards, local small ads, Gumtree) for about 350, or if you know any local music teachers get them to ask around in case a pupils wants one, or stick it on Ebay starting at 250 and see what it fetches. Although they're not the greatest yours would still be a better buy than a new Chinese horn.

Hope this helps


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