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French Horn/Jupiter Double French Horn - model??



I have a Jupiter double french horn that I purchased second hand a few years ago.  I am looking at selling it and wanted to know how to find out what model number it is.

Is there an easy way to figure this out as I have looked all over the horn itself and can't find anything besides the serial number (?).

Also, on a side note, I have picked up a Yamaha YHR-664 and wanted to know if this would be considered a good intermediate horn?

Hi, the easy question first, yes, the YHR-664 is a very good intermediate horn, most people agree it's a nicer-blowing instrument than its replacement, the YHR-567.

As for the Jupiter, until fairly recently there was only one model of Jupiter full double, I have a quite old one labelled SHR-852 and after that it became the JHR-852 and then the 852L.
If the model number is present it's on the mouthpipe.

They're all basically the same horn, Yellow brass, Geyer wrap with a very small diameter 4th rotor and fiddly plastic ball-and-socket linkages, built for large hands and at a pitch bordering on flat... There have been minor design modifications but essentially all are the same. The serial isn't readily traceable to date it, but if you attach a photo of horn and case and tell me the serial I can probably give you a rough idea.


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