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French Horn/Value of a Jupiter JHB 952, goldbrass


Sina JHB 952
Sina JHB 952  
Hi Alan,
I'm from Germany and I want to sell my Double Horn Jupiter JHB 952 in goldbrass.
It was a christmas present from my grandfather in 2001. Back then it was brandnew and list price was 7.300 DM (Deutsche Mark). I found out that the list price today maybe is 3.600 approx. 5000US$.
I have been playing it for 10 years very regularly before I fell in love with an old Alexander 107 :-)...
It works very well and has only some exterior signs of usage.

As it seems to be a very rare model I can't find any used ones for sale online. So maybe you can help me to evaluate the value of this french horn?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, as you say it's an unusual model, but it's only really the standard 852 in nicer metal with some pretty valve caps. I see it has the world's most bulky horn case as well  ;-)

How much you can sell it for depends on how quickly you want to sell and where you sell it, but the secondhand value of a 10-year-old Jupiter is unlikely to be more than about 1000. They're at the bottom end of the intermediate horn price range, they don't command anything like the price of a Yamaha 567 although the new prices are quite similar.

If selling it through a small ad (here is a good place to try) it might fetch a bit more than 1000, on Ebay less. It's a good step-up horn for a student and I would market it as such.

Hope this helps


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