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1. What is the best oil to use for the valves?
2. Which is better for cleaning the Horn a plastic snake or a metal snake?
3. Which works better/ is more effective in cleaning the horn plastic snake, metal snake, or whatever else is out there?
4. How do you preserve the finish of the outside of the horn?

Hi, thanks for your questions...

1. 2 kinds of oil: Paxman Bearing oil or Hetman rotary valve oil for the top and bottom bearings, Blue Juice for inside the rotors (put it in via the valve slides)
2 & 3. Shouldn't make any difference, the more rigid the easier it is to use. Only clean the leadpipe, don't bother elsewhere. It doesn't need to be spotless inside to sound good.... do clean your mouthpiece often though.
4. Polish with a clean cloth, if you like use a mild all-purpose cleaner to remove grease etc. Lacquer doesn't last forever where the hands contact the horn, it's bound to suffer some wear. At non-contact points it should stay nice and shiny indefinitely.

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