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I have an Olds Horn that I have been playing on for seven years now and I really love it now that I switched to a Farkas MC mouthpiece.  I would like to know more about my horn.  All I have is the markings on the bell... F.E. Olds and Sons   and    Fullerton Calif... and the serial number on the first trigger valve... 524636.  Could you help me finding out what year it was made or what the model is?  It is nickle silver and the wrap is one that the trigger is actually located farther down than the third valve.  On the back side of the horn it has the main tuning slide, the F tuning slide, and the Bb tuning slide.  I want to say that that is called the Geyer wrap, but I'm not sure.  Can you help me out?



Hi, according to the usual serial number sources it would be from 1965.

The Geyer wrap does have the fourth valve at the bottom but normally only has two slides on the back, the main and F slides. It doesn't have a separate Bb tuning slide. I've not come across a Geyer-wrap Olds, any pictures?

There's lots of Olds info (a lot of it trumpet-related but some relevant) here
including a 1957 catalogue but the double horn there is not as you describe.

Have a search around this page, there might be something else useful, and send me some pictures of your horn...

you can e-mail me direct at jonesthehorn "at" btinternet "dot" com  (replace the bits in quotes with the usual symbols...)


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