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QUESTION: I'm looking at buying a HNSOL200 double french horn but I can hardly find any information about them. Is this a good quality horn? Is it worth $1000?

ANSWER: Hi, the H200 is a descant horn, a specialist instrument in Bb and high F, used mainly by first horns to play very high baroque and classical repertoire. It's not an instrument you would normally buy as a general-purpose horn or for a student.

Holtons are always good horns and if the horn is in reasonable condititon it's certainly worth $1000, but I would question whether you really want this type of horn...


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QUESTION: Is there a difference between HNSOL200 and H200? I'm pretty sure this isn't a descant horn.

Hi, I've looked at what I think is the ad
and looked at an advert for the same horn here

It was apparently a short-lived attempt at a model between the intermediate H378/379 and the pro Farkas models. It was a bit overpriced and didn't go down well, and was quickly withdrawn, there's absolutely no mention of it on the Conn-Selmer website.

It looks a bit like the H181 with the rose brass bell. Given that even a H378 is a nice blowing horn I dare say it's well worth $1000... at that price you can't go too far wrong.


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