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I was just wondering what was truly the difference between horns.

Just doing some research I found this, but I was just wondering what was your opinion on the different horns out there.  What would be your recommended top 5-10 and what would be the worst?


Hi, there's every sort of horn out there and a lot of what is good or not comes down to personal preference. This chart doesn't really tell you anything about the playing characteristics of anything. Personally I play a Holton H104 which is a fantastic instrument, but then it should be given that the list price (of the equivalent H105) is around $8000. Luckily mine was a lot less than that.

The list of good makes includes Holton, Yamaha, Conn, Olds, King, Alexander, Paxman and many others. But basically however much is talked about what horn is good and what isn't, any horn is only as good as the person playing it. Buying something expensive won't suddenly transform anyone into a good player. Rule of thumb is, find a good instrument, learn to love it and then practice...

But if you want the worst horns on the market, that's simple - anything coming out of China and pretending to be playable. They still haven't got even a quarter of the way to making anything to compete with US/Japanese/European makers.


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