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Cleveland Single F Horn
Cleveland Single F Hor  

Cleveland Single F Horn
Cleveland Single F Hor  
I have a Single F horn with a Eb tuning crook/slide that is removable. It was manufactured by the Cleveland Musical Instrument Company. The serial number is 293. This is an older horn. I believe it was manufactured around 1920-1927. This horn plays, and has a few cosmetic issues. The brass lacquer is brownish in color/ dark brown.

How old is it? How much could it be worth?

Hi, there's not much more specific info available as to the exact date of your horn, this was a brand of the King/H.N.White company and from the early part of the 20th century no detailed records survive.

These horns were fairly standard band instruments, of an ok quality but not fantastic, many were made so there's not really a collectors market in this sort of instrument. Nor are F single horns very popular with beginners at the moment. Given that the leadpipe is badly bent and there are various creases, it's not really going to be worth much - for $100 or so one would expect to be able to buy a similar but much newer and smarter horn. Maybe someone might pay $50 for it to hang on the wall... I'd be happy to be proved wrong but I don't think it would fetch much more.

Sorry not to have better news


By the way, if you want to read a bit more history of the brand have a look here

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