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QUESTION: I have a Conn French horn made in Elkhart, Ind. serial # C76482. Is this a student model or a professional model?

ANSWER: Hi, it's not possible to tell which model it is from the serial. I would need to see it. If you can attach one or two pictures to a follow-up question I can be more help...


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French Horn
French Horn  

French Horn
French Horn  
QUESTION: Attached are two pictures of the horn in question. Is it a student horn?

Hello, it's a 6D, normally thought of as an "intermediate" horn, mainly sold to the student and college band market rather than professionals. The 8D was the only pro model. But a good 6D isn't far below an 8D in quality, main difference is the bell throat size (medium rather than large).

The serial, incidentally, dates it to 1964. That time was a good era for Conns so if the valves have been well looked after and have good compression (take out a valve slide sharply and see how much of a pop it makes, or listen to the hissing of the air through the valve when you put it back in again, the longer it hisses the tighter the valves) it should be a nice blowing horn.


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