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We found a Yamaha YHR - 567 horn at a pawn shop that we can get for $1000. I am wondering what we should look for to determine it's condition and whether it will be needing much in way of repairs. (I haven't actually seen it yet. My brother saw it and told me about it.) My 13 year old is currently playing a Holton 179 that she rents from her school. Would this be similar in quality?

It's probably a better horn for a 13-year old than a H179 as it's a bit lighter and has a smaller bell, it'll feel a bit different at first but the YHR567 is an excellent horn. It's sold as an intermediate rather than a pro horn but it's very good, very in tune and makes an excellent sound.

Providing it's in ok shape the price is a bargain, It can't be more than about 15 years old, and even if there are a few minor things such as stuck slides or valves needing a clean out or re-stringing these are easily sorted if you can find a good repairman. Or ask me for details how to do them yourself... I'd snap it up.


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