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Here is a listing for this Lorenzo Sansone (normal) horn on e-bay that I am really considering buying (or bidding)on... As you know, I like the Lorenzo (reversed  F & Bb slides) brand. This one seems a bit odd as to that it is back to the normal F/Bb slide position. I can't find out much about this particular horn, or the year it was made... It looks like a great find & I'm anxious for your opinion of it & if the price looks good to you. I have recently bought a King 1159 which I find to play very well. They threw in a Cecilio Tenor sax which appears to be in great shape but I can't play it. Have any sax experience? By the way, I now own 12 horns & I try to play & maintain all of them. Have you been able to play a Lorenzo Sansone horn yet? Ken

Hello, it's been a while...

As you say, not the usual Sansone model, the listing is correct in saying it's the same layout as the Conn 6D and various other horns. It looks in very good condition for a hotn that must be at least 40 years old, as usual the only way to find out how it blows is to buy it. The price looks very good at the moment...

And no, I've not even set eyes on a Sansone horn let alone blown one. They don't make it across the pond. So you're various steps ahead of me... I also don't attempt to play the sax, can't stand the things. I do, however, have a good opinion of King horns, very undervalued and often my recommendation for buyers in the US seeking a cheap double horn.


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