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I just got an Amati Kraslice single F horn from a family member.  There is no serial number or markings that I can find except for "Made in Czechoslovakia" on the neck and the number 43 imprinted on the underside of each key.  I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it and a ballpark possible value/range.  It was serviced into playing condition before I got it.  There are several small dents especially where it is held and the finish is not great.

Hi, it's a decent beginner's instrument, but single F horns aren't very popular in the uS at the moment, a lot of students start straight onto a double. Personally I think a single is a much better starting instrument. But not everybody agrees.

Value-wise it depends where you sell and who's buying. On Ebay, given it's not in great condition, it might not even fetch $100. If you're not in such a hurry to sell, a private ad or a music-school noticeboard might get you a bit more, but probably not over $200 in any case. And talking of cases, the type and condition of the case is also a factor when selling...

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