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French Horn/Reynolds Contempora FE03 french horn


Bill Bamberg wrote at 2014-04-16 20:17:31
I started my son on a Reynolds Contempora bass trombone in the fourth grade.  He now plays every brass except French horn.  Your horn is a medium size (bell throat)horn. I've started many kids on Pottag horns because they are an incredible value.  I started on a very small mouthpiece, a Bach 16 I recall because there were no teachers in Newport, RI.  My first teacher was in the Boston Symphony, and he switched me to a Bach 3.  For beginners I Start them on largest mouthpiece they are comfortable with.  If a Schilke 31B or C4 is too big I move down to a Bach 7 and then down to the Farkas MC.  The first lesson I teach is fundamental breath control. I have them imagine a birthday cake with 100 candles. Have him fill his lungs to the maximum, then meter the blowing to blow out all 100 candles.  I often add a paddle palm rest to take the weight off the pinky.  It also might help to move the leadpipe a bit and adjust paddle position for a smaller player.

Your son is really lucky to have such a fine instrument to play.

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