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QUESTION: We want to sell the french horn my daughter used for two years in high school and three in college.  It is an Accent HR95TL double french horn lacquer finish.  I can't find anything about this horn to try to put a value on it.  It is in what I would say very good condition with a few minor dings in the horn area only.  No scratches.  Includes case, two mouthpieces.  Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.5alp

ANSWER: Hi, given that this is a Chinese-manufactured student horn, albeit one of the better brands of such horns - I can't imagine it selling for much more than $500 used. The equivalent model is retailing around $1200 new, but other brands go as low as 700. Secondhand prices for horns are a fairly grey area anyway, it all depends where you are selling and to whom. A private sale locally often makes a better price than putting it on E-bay or Craigslist.

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QUESTION: The horn says "made in Germany".  I took it to one of the local music stores and he did say that many Accent horns were made in China but since it said made in Germany that it was worth more.  Did they indeed make sure in Germany and some in China?  I can't find the original receipt unfortunately but I remember we paid somewhere around $2,500 for it new in 2005.  That was on a rent to own program so the price was understandably higher.  I have contact the high school music director who we know to see if he knows of a current student that needs a french horn.  The store we originally bought it from closed their location in Dayton, OH but I'm trying to connect with their local rep who works out of Cincinnati to help with valuation and they might purchase it.  Let me know if your valuation still holds.  As I learn more, and hopefully not just enough to be dangerous, $800 or so seems about right but that could change.  Thanks very much for your input.

Hello again,

I've come across this before, "Made in Germany" it might say, but I think the correct term might be "assembled in Germany" - there are several firms there which assemble instruments using Chinese-made parts. So it may have a slightly more reliable build quality than an all-Chinese instrument but the basic design is still a Chinese one. Having said that, the problem with Chinese instruments is not that all of them are bad, but rather that their quality can't be relied upon. So your daughter's horn may be quite a good one...

Anyway, as said, secondhand horn prices are very much dependent on who is buying and who is selling, if someone wants to pay $800 then fine. If nobody does, you might have to bring it down a bit..


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