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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Jones, do you have any information on this horn? I can't seem to find out anything about it on the internet.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Yep... Chinese Bb single with an A valve, never heard of the brand name but that's not unusual, anyone can order a batch and have anything they like engraved. You and I could go into business selling "Rachmaninoff Mozart" horns if we liked. They would still be nasty horns though.


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QUESTION: Well, your reply made me chuckle :) I've made a list, from looking at your previous replies to questions. Holton 378/379, 178/177 and Yamaha 567/664. Would you say that you would pick one of these over the Conn 6D? My son will be a freshman in high school next year, and it will be his fifth year playing. I'd say he's been playing the double since his second year. I'd really like to stay under $1000, but I'm finding that might be hard to do. He even told us her rather we spend the money on a nicer horn, than a laptop for him. There are three Holton 179 listed. I don't know what they'll go for.

And this Yamaha. The sale ended on this one with no bids, so if I was really interested I could contact the seller.

If you were buying one for a student, what would you be looking for?

I really appreciate your help, and I find that I am learning quite a bit as I go along. As I said before, we are not in a hurry, we have some time. I'm hoping to find a good deal. I wish more would pop up on my local search, I feel if probably get a better price that way!

Thank you.

Hi, your shortlist is basically the same as mine. Pecking order would be 178/177 first (they're pro models) then 378/379 (they're nearly as nice) and Yamaha 666/664/662 (very good if you can find one), then Yamaha 567 (still a good horn but not an improvement on the earlier models).

Then would be a pool of less special US models which would include the 6D, King Fidelio, Bach, Olds Ambassador, and the Jupiter 852 also falls in that category.

Lastly a big sackful of large-bore models which I would avoid giving to a student (or anyone else really) - all other Holtons (H179/180/181), Conn 8D, Yamaha 668 (see above), Reynolds Contempora.

There are of course lots of other nice pro horns but they're much more expensive.

You're right that you sometimes find better bargains on craigslist or Gumtree than Ebay, because they don't reach so wide an audience. But you will still be really lucky to find any on the list under $1000 - although it depends just how patient you are. My record for a Holton 378 is 600 which is less than $1000, but average is about 1000 which is nearer $1400 I think. 177/178 I would pay up to 1500 and new Yamahas go in the range 1200-1500, more if a bidding war breaks out. Yamaha carries a big premium over here in the UK.

Keeep hunting and keep asking...


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