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Hi Alan, It's me again. I'm still out there watching for the good deal on a double French Horn.

There are a couple listed right now. Older ones. I was wondering what your thoughts are on these two.

And this one. This one was up once, with no takers. It's been relisted.

I was just wondering about these. Since they are older models. What is their value, and quality.

Thank you.

Hello, sorry for the delay in replying, been away for a week... but luckily I didn't miss anything worthwhile. I wouldn't really consider the old H77, if you're paying that much you don't really want a very well-used 50-year-old horn however good the restoration. As it has various patches it's obviously been played a lot, maybe if 40 of its 50 years had been spent in a loft it would be a different story.

And the Amati, not in the same class as any of the horns we've been discussing. It's a very heavy Czech-made horn, not very free-blowing and generally not well in tune, which shouldn't be going for any more than $600, and even at that price level I think there are better alternatives.

Keep hunting...


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