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French Horn/Yamaha custom 31-GP french horm mouthpiece


Hi, I'm in the market for an advanced/professional mouthpiece, and there is one being sold at an estate sale. It is a Yamaha custom 31-GP french horn mouthpiece with the gold tip, or rim, and the seller is selling it for $70. Now I don't know if it is new or used, but I assume it's used. Anyway can you tell me what these mouthpieces retail for brand new? And is $70 a fair asking price for a used one? Also what can you tell me about this mouthpiece in general, and is it very popular with professional players? Thanks.

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, been away...

Firstly it's not a particularly good price, these are quite expensive new but $70 is an awful lot for a secondhand one. Secondly, I don't think Yamaha horn mouthpieces are particularly good and I don't know any pro who uses one. And thirdly, just buying a mouthpiece randomly isn't likely to help you at all...

My first question would be, what mouthpiece do you use currently? And then what sort of level are you at, what horn do you play and what sort of playing do you do?

Then maybe I can make some suggestions...


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