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I've been offered a Miraphone double french horn that's up for sale. here are the details:

"1980's Miraphone Double French Horn with fixed bell and lacquer finish. Miraphone has told me it is likely model 178 but the horn is engraved with Waldkraiburg "Exclusiv" 928 H. I was told this horn has a mute stop leaver which is unusual. This is a professional mode.. Includes original hard case in great condition and a Holton mouthpiece.

Horn just had professional chemical bath cleaning. Has been professionally oiled and greased.  There is a flat spot dent under the hand guard that does not affect sound but was not removed due to the difficult placement under the guard."

Some pics were sent in my inbox, but I don't know how to copy and send those. Also the horn was originally selling for well over $2000, but the seller has agreed to sell it to me for $1500 due to the fact that it wasn't selling otherwise. Is this a good deal and a good price? And most importantly, is this a good professional horn? What can you tell me about it and its quality?

PS What things should I look for to know this is a fair price? It also has some wear, (it looks like rust, but I'm not sure), on the underside.

Thanks for your time.

Hi, Miraphone is a respected German manufacturer, mainly of tubas (much used professionally in Europe) and of German band instruments. They don't currently make horns, but they have done at various points in the past.

So it should be a good quality horn, at least comparable with a Hoyer, probably no Alexander though...

Pictures would be very interesting, if you can save them somewhere on your computer you can attach them to a follow-up. Or e-mail me them direct at


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