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French Horn/alex mainz fr horn (no.461)


QUESTION: hi!   i am looking for some help please regarding a french horn inherited from my dad.  it is around 50 yrs old.  it is a duplicate of a horn used by dennis brain.  the "stamp" on the horn is such : GEBR alexander mainz, made in west Germany, No 461. barry tuckwell was a friend of my father's. even though he didn't own an alexander horn, after having played my dad's he commented how special the horn was. i would like to sell this horn for a fair price.  i do not want to under or over charge a prospective buyer.  the horn is in good condition, no tarnishing, and has been stored in a spare bedroom with little temperature fluctuation.  i did try to contact the alexander mainz horn company but they have not been able to help me.  i would appreciate any help / information you can give me.  thank you!

ANSWER: Hi, for me to give you an approximate idea you might need to send a picture or two, I need to know what model it is. The 461 must be a serial or workshop number but with Alexanders that's no clue as to the model or the age. Take a few nice photos and I can make some suggestions - it might be useful to know where you are contemplating selling it as well...


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French Horn
French Horn  

French Horn
French Horn  
QUESTION: Here are two photos of the horn.

OK, so it's a standard Model 103 F/Bb full double horn. Not quite what Dennis Brain used - he had a specially adapted Model 90 Bb single. But a very nice horn and it looks in lovely condition. If it's a 1960s model and hasn't been too heavily used in its lifetime then it should be worth something in the region of $3000-4000. It's a bit like a classic car, after a while they appreciate in value provided you don't drive them too much...

Probably the best way to sell it for a guaranteed good price would be via the classifieds at .

Or if you like excitement you can stick it on Ebay and see what kind of bidding war develops... there are quite a few enthusiasts for these horns in the US and elsewhere. You might get more than you think. I wouldn't start the auction at less than $3500 though.

Hope this helps


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