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Hi I have been given a 'Gebr Alexander Mainz' 'full double' french horn (made in w-germany) from an elderly german woman who heard my 9 yr old son played french horn and gave it to him. It looks like it's in pretty decent shape with a few dents and some age/wear to the finish. The valves are sticky and the cork (?) looks like it is a bit dry rotted or in need of replacement. I know NOTHING about horns and am wondering if it would be worth the investment to get this thing back in good working order. Basically I dont want to spend more than it's worth to fix it up so if I had a general idea of what I've got that would be a valuable piece of information indeed. Thanks!

Well you lucky person! Alexanders are some of the best horns around, if it's a nice example and has been treated well then it is worth in the region of $3000... so do spend a bit on it and have it nicely fixed. And then tell your son to look after it well!


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