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French Horn/Antique Schmid double horn F/B-flat value



I have one of the original Schmid double horns in F/B-flat.  

This horn was purchased used by my father sometime in the 1950's and was, as I understand it, originally built sometime between 1889 and 1895.

He was a concert hornist for the Eugene Symphony Orchestra from the mid 1960's on up through the late 1970's

Before he passed away in early 2000, he made mention that the valves were leaking air and may need to be rebuilt.  Shortly after, I found the small hole in the tubing leading to the thumb valve (which seems to be causing the air leakage and issues with difficulty in hitting clear notes and transitions).

I may have to consider the possibility that I may need to find a buyer for this and would like any information I could get on what it may be worth, and where to go to find an interested buyer.

Thank you for your time.

Hi, it's really difficult to come up with valuations for antique horns, it would depend on whether it's in good playing condition or not, and of course mainly on whether there's an interested collector out there...

It's worth looking here  for some classifieds on the IHS site, there might be some other old instruments around. If I had to suggest a ball-park figure, I'd say as a restoration project any horn wouldn't be much more than $1000 however rare, if nicely restored and playing well then maybe a couple more thousands... but I don't really deal in or watch the antique market, more horns for practical use.

Sorry not to be more help


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