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I am on a pretty tight budget (isn't everyone) but looking for a reasonable horn for younger students.  I am aware of the "junk" out there, but also might not have the resource for the Holtons or Conns.  I did come across a Besson BE702

and also an Atkinson A600:  

Are either of these reasonably good horns for the money?  Should I steer clear?

Thanks for your time,

Hi, I have more experience with the Besson (ok basic Czech-made instrument, very heavy, blows ok-ish, $799 is about a fair price for one in good condition) than the Atkinson, my instinct here is that it's probably ok value at the starting price although the cosmetic condition is not great. Probably a nicer instrument to handle for a student than the Besson - but I don't really have any first or secondhand experience with this model. The Atkinson name is normally associated with high end hand made pro horns, so one side of my brain says that they wouldn't associate their name with junk. The other then asks why these horns have been discontinued - but maybe the $3200 they used to sell for is the answer here. At that price there are plenty of better-known or cheaper alternatives. Anyway, I'm afraid it would be a shot in the dark, could be good...

Sorry not to be more use!


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