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French Horn/Used Holton serial number question


I'm currently looking at a used Holton 379 with a serial number #311XXX.  Looking at serial numbers I found online (not sure how accurate they are) that would make it a 1958 horn.  Looking at the condition of the horn and case that just doesn't seem accurate.  Just wondering if I'm missing something.

Hi, the pictures showing the small Leblanc logo on the mouthpipe stay, and the type of case, the ABS Conn-style design, are consistent with a fairly recent horn, definitely made since 2006 and probably a couple of years later than that. Holton/Leblanc appears to have started a new serial sequence at some point around then, as I've come across horns with 217xxx and 230xxx numbers which were definitely from the 21st century! So no, it's not from the 1950s.

And by the way, the spec listed is not quite correct, the 379 has a medium-throat bell, not a large one like the 179. Which is an advantage in my view...

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