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Hi there, I acquired a French horn that had been used as a decoration for quite some time. It's shape is a bit rough, but all moving parts move freely and still produces a decent sound. I was wondering if there was any resale value on such a horn?

Hi, the answer would probably be yes, some... but not a huge amount. There would be work needed to fix the broken stay and the valves would need a service and probably new corks. I'm not sure whether you include the slides in the "moving parts" - there are 9 tuning slides in total, which all need to be removable. If they don't move, don't use a lot of force, it's a job for the repairman. I presume there's no case with the horn although I can see it does have a mouthpiece.

It's a full double horn probably from the 1960s, made in what was then Czechoslovakia, the Josef Lidl company is still in business and still making horns in Brno. They're an ok instrument, not anything a pro would use, but fine for a student provided that they're strong enough to lift it, it's a very heavy horn compared to some.

Over here in Europe there are a lot of these around and they're certainly preferable to most of the cheap horns now coming from China, although you would need to find a buyer who doesn't mind the unlacquered finish. In reasonable condition they sell for between 200 and 400, that's roughly double those figures (400-800) in Canadian dollars. With work needed and no case, of course it would be nearer the lower than the higher figure.

I'd probably post it on Ebay or Craigslist with a full description, pitch it somewhere in the lower end of my price range, and see who wants it.

Hope this helps, and Happy New Year!


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