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Here are some more pictures of the Holton I am asking about

Thanks. So the evidence stacks up like this:

case: typical 1970s-early 1980s, I call this the carpet case, with the annoyingly placed handle so the bottom corner drags on the floor...

serial: if you hadn't said it was bought in 1983 I would have said 1985 but definitely early eighties

model: my conclusion would be a large bore 190. 190s weren't the highest-volume production anyway, this might have been a limited run or a one-off. All other Holtons are stamped just H and the model number. So my conclusion is that the LB stands for either large bore or large bell - referring to the bell throat. If you were able to compare it to another horn, it would be a similar bell to a Conn 8D.

Anyway, as such it's probably a very nice horn, I've never played (or even seen) a Geyer-wrap Holton, but all professional models from this period are pretty good.

I think that's all the use I can be. In the state it's in something around S1000-$1200 might be a fair price, although if you put it on Ebay it might fetch more as it's unusual...


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