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Hi there,
I have a Holton horn, on the bell it is marked Holton FKS ( the rest of the markings are hard to read) It is stamped, LBH 190 and has a serial number of 588331.  

I believe my parents purchased it for me around 1983, and I believe from the original owner.  

I have been trying to get some historical information on this horn, and an approximate value.  I no longer play and our HS is looking to add to their collection, and are interested in purchasing it.    It is in very good shape all valves are working great and after not playing it for almost 30 years, it still had a fantastic sound and played great.  There are a few spots that the finish is worn, and scratched but besides that looks great!

Hello, thanks for your question.

It would be interesting to see some photos of your horn to try to determine the model and age.

If the 190 is the model number that's supposed to be a small-bore Geyer wrap horn. But then maybe the LB H190 means large bore... in which case it might be a bit of a one-off.

The serial (is it on the bottom of the 3rd valve casing?) would date from the early 1980s. The bell inscription at this date would normally be "Holton Elkhorn Wis" or Holton Elkhorn WI"

Even the case (if you have the original one) can help to date it. If you can photograph the horn, the case, some close-ups of the serial and inscriptions, valve levers etc etc then I will have more of an idea.


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