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QUESTION: Hi!  Our son will be playing the french horn in the 6th grade band.  He is our youngest child, none of his other brothers played the french horn, so we have absolutely NO knowledge of French horns. The band program wants the kids to start on double horns.  They are pricey.  Can you give me your opinion please as to the ones I have listed below that we are considering?

Thank you so much for your time!

ANSWER: Hello again,

It was the third one you listed,
the Accent horn which is a Chinese brand,
which I wouldn't recommend.

May have been a word wrap problem, so writing
very short lines this time!
-which makes it look like free verse :)

Order of preference for me:
1. Holton
2. King
3. Jupiter
10. Accent

Come back if you find any others.



Hi, the Holton is the best of these,
it might go for a bit more than the current price though.
This is my horn of choice for more advanced students.
The King is old but a good instrument,
the Jupiter not quite as good but fine as a starter instrument.
The Accent I would steer clear of.

Hope this helps... ask more if you need more info.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


You were right! The Holton on Ebay went for
$1,091.00 last nightand it didn't go to us!  :)

I am sending you another link to a Holton
Nickel plated double horn we saw on
Craigslist.  Only one picture, I've
asked the seller lots of questions, &
to please send more pictures.  
She didn't mention which model this one
is either.  Any help you can provide is
deeply appreciated!


Jane Verplaetse

Hi, I'd guess this is probably a H179.
You could ask the seller to look on the leadpipe
which is where the model number should be.
Other possibilities are H177 or H379.
If it's a 177 or 179 it's a pro "Farkas" model
rather than an intermediate one.
The H177 or H379 are a medium bell throat which is good,
the H179 is large which is not so good,
not ideal for a beginner.
Although still a lot of horn for the money...  
They're nickel-silver (a type of brass with 10% nickel content)
rather than nickel plated.
Looking at the picture I'd say it's either a 179 or 177,
my money would be on a 179 as there are many more of those around.

Anyway, ask her to have a look, also the serial number
which is on the bottom side of the 3rd valve casing...


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