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French Horn/Ambassador French horn by F E Olds


I have a single french horn with 3 rotary valves.  The bell says Ambssador  made by F E Olds Fullerton Calif.  I can find no serial number to identify it.  I would like to loan to a young new student and was looking for way to identify.   Where would it be located?

Interesting note: there are 'screw outs' on bottom of valves for oiling.  I've never seen this before on any horns I've played (amateur player).

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi, it may be there isn't a serial, but if there is, possible places are somewhere on the side of a valve casing, on the bridge which holds the valve levers (if it's on the side of this or underneath it's particularly hard to spot), on the leadpipe, the bell stay or the bell engraving itself. Or sometimes on the ferrule which joins the bell spout on to the next bit of tube.

I've seen the idea of oiling holes in a few places, manufacturers were always trying to improve and offer new features - most of which were unnecessary.

Let me know where you find the serial if there is one...


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