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OK, one more comparison, and in reference to your last question, please what is a good price for a used horn? One, I sent you yesterday, an H378, and here's an H379 also for comparison.  Thanks so much for your quick answer.
The catch on this one, if you read the description, is that the seller lists this as 'broken' horn, but sounds fixable, also does not offer returns, so that makes me a bit leery, still 7 are watching this auction.  $100 shipping cost.

Here's the second one:

Six are watching this one, and a 14 day money back guarantee is offered.  This is on a buy it now option, the other is an actual auction.  I'm only seeing a slight ding in the horn portion, doesn't appear to be bad.

Your opinions are valued!


Hi, either would be a good choice I think, the H378 has been serviced, the H370 not, but that's not a big deal if you know someone to do it. There's just the uncertainty over price. The H379 at $1800 is a fair price, I expect the H378 will end up somewhere about there too but then again it might go for less or more. You could wait 2 days and try to get the H378 for a good price, in the meantime someone might buy the H379. Then again there will be others, there are plenty of these horns around, and neither is so fantastic as to be a must buy. I would say the H378 is probably the better of the two. So I think I would bid on the H378, preferably at the last minute, up to about $1800 maybe.


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