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I'm back; still looking for a horn for our son to play in the band on a tight budget.

What do you think about this one please?

I can't believe the seller wants $200 for shipping on this Holton.
I also have a line on a used Conn.  I do not know the model.  It is used, and it is disassembled and being repaired in a music shop, so they couldn't provide that information when I called.  The owner told me it wouldn't win any beauty contests, but that it would sound good once they had it finished.  They'll be calling me in a week or two.  What do you think of Conn's in general, in comparison to Holton's?

I'm wondering if the horn in the shop might look like this one:

and I'd like your opinion about condition/vs. playability.

Thank you so much for helping us!

Hi, the Conn 6D is an ok instrument for a learner,
and as far as cosmetic condition goes,
it's only relevant as far as it affects the psyche of the player...
if your son like the horn, the price is right and it plays well
then no problem.

Looks like the King has sold,
someone got a very nice bargain there!

I remembered to do the free verse thing;)


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