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Hi Alan,

We are still on the hunt.  We bought the horn off of Ebay, the H378 one.  We were the only ones that bid, so we got an excellent price, but the seller failed to ship the horn, and the transaction has been cancelled.

Meanwhile, I have come across a horn in our area.  It is rough, at a music shop.  The repairman is working on it in between getting the student instruments ready for the new school year.  I hadn't heard from the music shop, thought it might have been sold, so I went over there today and had a look.  It's a Conn, I don't know what kind, but it's from Abilene, TX.  It is light, but in pretty good condition.  The owner of the music shop apologized for the delay, said they had to order some parts, and it should be ready in a week or two.  The price is really good, and our son is just starting out so this might work out well.  I know I'm not giving you much to go on, but I wondered what you might know about a horn like this.  Thanks Alan!

Hello again...

Without a photo it's tricky to tell you much. But there are only really three basic models of older Conn horns, the 8D/28D full double which looks like this:

the 6D/26D full double which has a bit different tubing layout like this:

and the F single 4D

so you can probably work out which you're looking at.

If you can photograph it and show me then I can of course tell you more definitely.


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