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Hi Alan!

I'm back again.  I found an ad for a King Double Horn.  I don't know much about the models though.  I think I recall seeing 1159, maybe 1160's for Kings for sale.  This horn is a 2259.  Can you take a look at the link and educate me on King's?  Would this be a good deal for our son?  For the money, it seems like a much nicer horn than the disassembled Conn 6D that we've been patiently waiting to be fixed for six months.

Here's the link:

Thanks again!

Hi, I think you're right... it's a 1980's horn, looks nice!

I'm not totally clear on the whole King model number thing either, there are also Beethoven-related names such as "Fidelio" and "Eroica", I know the Eroica is a larger bore horn which was intended as a competitior to the Conn 8D. But these 1159/1160/2259/whatever (I think the differences are just different brass, screw bell or not, the basic model seems to always be the same) are good, under-appreciated horns. A King is definitely as good as a Conn 6D. It looks a good buy. Certainly a bit smarter than the Conn in the workshop.


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