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Hi Alan,

I am intrigued by this horn:

I have no illusions that we might be able to get it, it's an auction, not a buy it now option, but I was wondering your thoughts.  It's a Holton H 100? model, silver, unlacquered.

there are a few questions regarding the horn, including the model #, but no definitive answers.  What might you believe to be a fair price for such a horn, and would you recommend it?

Thanks Alan!


Hi, I think you may have pasted in the wrong link, but don't worry, I already saw the H100, another questioner who is on the same quest as you came across it...

here's what I said:

It's a very unusual model, from about 1987, called the Opus 1, a redesign of the usual Farkas layout. I can't find any more details about it, but by the look of the bell throat it is probably a large bore, not ideal for your purposes. Otherwise I'm sure it's a good instrument.

I suspect it will probably finish up at quite a high price as it's a very unusual horn and a pro model. I'd be surprised if it goes for under $2000.


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