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We are just getting skunked with trying to purchase a used Double French horn that will be a good purchase for our son, without spending thousands of dollars.

I came across this one online:

Do you know anything about a Holton Omega 200 model?  How does something like this compare to the H378, H379, or H177, H178 models?  I may as well get more educated as we continue the hunt.  In the meantime, the guy at the music shop--with the nicely priced, but disassembled Conn 6D horn, who told me last week that it should be ready by the end of this week, has not called.  And it hasn't been six months as I posted earlier, I contacted him two months ago.  Still,I was told that he was busy getting instruments ready for school, but school has started, and I'd think if the repairman knew what he was doing, and the shop knows someone is interested in the horn, and I've stopped in to speak with them personally, I'd just think he would have called me by now, so I'm moving on from that option.

Thanks so much for your help and advice.  We are learning much from you about double french horns and the knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Hi, it looks to me exactly like a H378, apart from the fancy plate on the bell. I did come across something similar some time ago, I think it was a fairly recent and short-lived re-branding.

This one looks a bit overpriced. And it doesn't sound as if they would be susceptible to a much lower offer...

I hope something useful turns up soon!


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