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Here are a couple more that I have seen on Ebay, that are of interest to us, for comparison to the pictures I've sent:

I don't know anything about the Reynolds brand though.

And here's a Conn:

The pictures I sent you earlier, the guy is asking $695 for that horn to give you something to compare it to the other ones I've listed.

Thank you so much Alan.

Ah, I see you've just answered the question of how much. That's a very good price for any kind of functioning US-made double horn.

Now for the others:
H178 - good if you can cope with the looks, it's a pro model. I suspect it might end up in the $1500 range or higher though. Anything less would be a good buy. I think this guy is doing good work as well, I've seen a lot of his listings. But the next two look better for your purposes.

H378 - seems to be missing its valve caps and have at least one stuck valve - but you can order new caps, not more than $20 each, and your repairman can sort the valves. No other visible issues. And it's nice and shiny! A steal at the Buy it now price.

next H378 - you get what you pay for here. Very good price for a very good condition horn.

Reynolds - not really. Too large bore for a beginner.

Conn 6D - ok but if spending this much I would pay $150 more for the nicer of the H378s.

So I would either:

Go for the cheapest option, the $695 Conn


spend $1000 on the Holton, another $150 or so to sort it, and you've got a nice shiny H378 for a really cheap price. Also has its original case.


splash on the other H378 and not have to do anything.

Which of these you choose I leave to you! But if it's either of the Holtons act fast!


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