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Hi there; I am trying to write an extended essay to earn my International Baccalaureate diploma. The topic I would most like to explore is how the French Horn we know today has developed since its earliest uses and how the design of the horn relates to its role in (or beyond) an ensemble setting throughout history. Are there any resources you might be able to point me to that would credibly provide information to base my research in?
Thank you for your time.

Post Script:
I have used online search engines and the results I have explored are sadly lacking in both abundance and quality.

Hi, a couple of nice books if you can source them either from a library or online bookseller:

The French Horn by R Morley-Pegge (this is probably the most detailed book I know on the history of the horn)
The Horn by Robin Gregory
The Horn by Janetzky and Bruchle

You can, of course, ask me any specific questions you might have, but I'm afraid I can't write too much of your essay;-)


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