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So, Hi Alan!

I've come across another King Double Horn. It is not as nice as the one that got away a couple of weeks ago, but I think this might work.  Could you please take a look and tell us what you think?  Thanks!  Also, so long as I am asking, how do you compare horns that screw off--the bells, to bells that are in one piece?  Do you have a preference?  Why?

Hi, it looks fine apart from the lacquer on the  bell, and obviously that's just a cosmetic flaw. Not really fixable but can be lived with.

It's probably quite an old instrument, but as the seller says these Kings are long-lasting and play very well. And often they go quite cheaply, hopefully you read this in the next 10 hours and get a bid in. The case is an old Conn one by the looks of it, should be pretty sturdy, you would just need to get a mouthpiece as it doesn't have one.

The cheapest I know of one of my correspondents getting a King was $650, but anything up to about $850 would be an ok price.


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