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So, I've been checking out Ebay today, as the auction on that King horn closes out.  And I found a few others, it's hard to decide, and it's hard to know what different horns may go for.  I'm going to send you a few links and ask you to comment on them.  One is a Holton Model I've never heard of, a HNSOL200 Performance Double French horn.  I've never seen anything like this model # listed, and I don't know what the difference is between this 200 model and say the H378 or H379 models, or H177, or H178 models.

Here's that link:

Not a bad price, but we are watching the dollars.  I just don't know the model, if it would be something good for our son or not.  Then, there's this:

In looking at the pictures and the description, it appears to be a H378 in very good condition.

Then, I also found this one, which is an auction and will likely go for much more than the current bid:

I am just wondering what you think of these listings?

Thanks so much Alan!

Hi, the first Holton is basically a 378, they had a few marketing experiments in the early 2000s and this was one. It's a 378 with a different number and a fancy nameplate on the bell.

At the price this is very good value, the Paypal credit offer of 6 months with no interest sounds attractive if it's true...

The next 378 is also ok but $500 more for basically the same sort of age & condition.

The 379 is just the Nickel-silver version of the 378 so also a goodchoice . Unlikely to go under $1500.

Any of these would probably be a better investment than the King if they're affordable. They're all comparable horns and as you know I think the Holtons are the best thing to have. But then the King might be a lot cheaper...

Tricky, isn't it? At this point I'd say the first Holton would be my choice.


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