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Anyway, now I'll answer the screw bell question.These days a high percentage of professionals have screw bell horns, it's just for convenience as the case is a more sensible shape easier to carry and you can take it on a plane. If it's the tool of your trade and you carry it to work every day it makes a difference.
But actually from a playing point of view, fixed bell horns often resonate better and are nice to play. If a horn is designed with a screw bell then there's not much difference as the bell will be made lighter to compensate for the weight of the screw ring. But I once had a bell converted, and that wasn't as good afterwards.

Because the screw bell costs more to make, adds weight and is fiddly to assemble, most student horns still have fixed bells, apart from the nasty Chinese ones. (where the bells often don't screw on properly after a couple of years anyway...) Older horns, made before 1970 or so don't have screw bells. And screw bells haven't caught on so much in the US anyway. Maybe you all drive everywhere whereas we Europeans have to carry our horns on the train or tube...

Hope this helps your general horn knowledge!


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