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I am having problems identifying a french horn I recently purchased. It is a Mirafone French Horn. I cannot find any serial numbers, the only leads I have are that it says Mirafone 1916 on the bell, and has the number 32 on each of the levers. It also has a marking that reads 32D by one of the rotors. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Miraphone (with ph rather than f in it) is an long-established German brass instrument company. They are particularly known for tubas... and and the moment they don't offer any horns. However, they used to, I also have a Miraphone F single somewhere. Anyway, if you need to know exactly what type of horn it is, I would need to see photos. A good photo of the bell inscription would lso be interesting. It's quite possible it doesn't have a serial number - but if so it could be on the leadpipe, bell stay or any part of the valve casings or valve lever bridge. The numbers on the levers and so on are just workshop numbers, the various parts are stamped with a number so that when making a batch of horns, the right parts end up on the right horn. So this one had the number 32.

Anyway, send some pictures, either attach them to a follow-up or e-mail directly to


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