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What is the difference between the Conn 8D and 28D?  I have a Conn serial #  520874 on the valve brace (big 2nd valve rings and Just Conn LTD USA on bell).  Is it possible to have been put together in Eastlake with Abaline Tx parts?  


Hi, first the easy bit, a 28D is the yellow brass version of an 8D.

Second bit is harder - Firstly if you have a Conn which doesn't say "Elkhart, Indiana" on the bell then it wasn't made there. So it's post 1969. If the serial doesn't correspond to any of the published lists then it's probably an Abilene instrument, that seems to be when there were various re-used serials and a general lack of record-keeping. That places it around 1980-86. If that seems to fit then that's probably all you will ever know about it.

I'm not sure what you mean by the idea of "put together in Eastlake with Abilene parts" - I suppose there might have been a transition period but there's no way of telling, and serial records from Eastlake are apparently more accurate. So if your serial doesn't tally with the lists (which it doesn't) then Abilene is the likely source.  Anyway, I'm afraid I can't tell you more than that, reading the various websites on this subject will not enlighten you much further either...


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