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I have a horn in a rose brass that is beginning to look like it could use a proper polishing. I'm thinking about using Simichrome polish but am always concerned about using anything on a lacquered instrument because of the belief that a chemical substance can cause harm to the lacquer. I don't know if I'm just being overly cautious and nothing will happen but would like some thoughts and suggestions on what to use and if it wouldn't be a bad idea to use a polish cream/paste other than my usual polishing cloths that I'm more inclined to stick to.

Hi, I'm not quite sure why you would be using any type of polish on a lacquered instrument. The only thing I would use would be some mild household cleaner such as you would use in the kitchen. Or just soap and water. Certainly nothing like metal polish.

Of course, if the lacquer begins to come off, then you have a problem as the unlacquered areas will tarnish and you have to polish those while trying not to damage the remaining lacquer.

But if the finish is intact, just be very gentle with it, soap, water and then a soft cloth. And then get busy playing the horn instead of admiring how it looks  ;-)


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