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about a month ago i asked you a few questions about a french horn which i found at my grandparents house.
You said it was made by the Joseph Lidle Company but wasnt sure what the BM sign on it was.
i was hoping to list the item for sale on ebay,if its not to much trouble please could you tell me what to list it as, and what price i should set.
furthermore it is a bit dented and quite tarnished.
thank you very much
kind regard jake

Hi, it's a full double horn in F/Bb, describe it as fully as you can and take some photos, then see what goes... It will help if you say whether the valves and slides move (there are 9 tuning slides on that horn!) and whether you can see any loose solder joints, where and how big the dents are. If there's a case or mouthpiece describe those too.

Basically I doubt if it will fetch more than 200 but you never know, decide what your minimum is and start it there. A start at 150 might well attract some interest. If it doesn't sell straight away you can always relist it.

Also assess the postage options and quote a price, a well-packed horn weighs about 7 kilos if that's helpful. Read the small print of the courier companies, for instance Hermes don't insure musical instruments, nor do some of the other cheap services. I tend to use Interlink Express which will be about 26.

Good luck, I'll look out for your listing...


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