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QUESTION: Found  a French horn for sale and it says DEL SOL on it .What is worth? Or is it worth anything for middle school student?

ANSWER: Hi, not a known brand name so, if you send some pictures (attach them to a follow-up) or a link to the advert I can maybe tell you something.


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french horn
french horn  
QUESTION: I only have one picture. I hope it will help.

OK, looks like a fairly generic Chinese-made instrument, which is normally the case when I don't recognise the brand... could be ok, could not, generally quality of manufacture and so the lasting qualities of these horns tends to be poor, as does intonation.

As it's a single F horn it's primarily a beginner's instrument anyway, so as long as it blows reasonably it would do to start off with. But if it's been stored for a while the valves might well need cleaning out, and depending exactly which of dozens of Chinese factories it came out of, the mechanisms might be ok or might be very flimsy and badly put together. One can't really tell, the whole problem with Chinese horns is quality control.

If it's really cheap, under $150, then maybe worth a punt. If it's more then you would have to ask someone who knows to have a look at it.

Hope this helps


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