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French Horn/Lyons Band Instrument Company horn


I have found a double French horn made by Lyons Band Instrument Company. Here is all of the information on the lead pipe (there isn't any elsewhere):

- made by Lyons Band Instrument Company in Chicago, IL
- it is a "Monarch"
- it's serial number is 347-27-5670 (hand-engraved)

Aside from this, there doesn't seem to be any identifying factors on the horn. I haven't been able to find any information on how old this might be or really anything about it. Could you help me find more information on this horn?

Hi, you can find a little about the Lyons Band Instrument Company by googling the name, not much though, based at 223 West Lake St Chicago and various famous makers once worked there (Reinhold Schilke, William F Ludwig) and like many others it eventually became part of Selmer. That was in the 1960s so probably your horn is earlier than that. But more than that I don't suppose you'll ever know.... If you have some pictures it would be interesting to have a look.


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